The Making of the Mercury Space Suit Helmet


 You can click on any image for a slideshow Client: Bill Fallover I was delighted when Bill asked me to look after this part of the job. Museum work is so much more relaxing than film due to longer times available to work with. This allowed me the oppertunity to…

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Ross O’Carrol Kelly


This is just a quick post of a couple of pictures of a head I made for my brother Alan. He illustrates the famous Ross O’ Carrol Kelly book series. The head is made of paper mache, lovely to work with but very slow to dry in the Irish winter!…

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LowLow Bun Costume


  This is the making of the LowLow bun. I started on Thursday morning and delivered Sunday afternoon! Client: Sweetmedia / Kevin Downey Below is the inital frame of ply. Keeping in mind from the start that weight needed to be at a minimum. I decided the costume wound hang…

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The Butterman Kerrygold Cow


Brief: Build a light weight cow model to be used as a close-up element on an actors shoulders. Designer: Paki Smith. This was a challanging job on a few levels. The first issue is weight. Any complex shape needs a structure to maintain its shape (and survive the production!) But…

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