From the Lab

Proptech is always interested in technical and skill development. This blog will detail some experiments we do and methods used. Hopefully it will be of interest to other modelmakers and inspiration to designers. Proptech operates an ‘opendoor’ policy. We believe the concept of trade secrets is an outdated philosophy. The…

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From virtual to actual!


3d CNC sculpture of Lenin in a rust finish This is just an example of one of the many uses for the cnc router.Before I start, I need to say that I have no political interest in Lenin. Nor do I think there is any excuses for the atrocities committed…

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Faux Rust Effect


Above is a test paint effect I did a little while ago. It worked out well so I thought I’d share it here.I saw that it was possible to buy reactive paints from a few companies, most in the US. But I’m in Ireland…$$$So I decided to do a bit…

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Ross O’Carroll Kelly Statue


Commission: Make an imitation bronze statue of the fictional character Ross O’Carroll KellyClient: Penguin UK This was a nice job for me as it was an indirect collaboration with my brother Alan Clarke, who designed the original look of the character of Ross.Alan had been illustrating these books by Paul…

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