Why a router is better than a laser

James Bond Laser

I intend to tell you some advantages of cnc router versus a laser cutter. Unfortunately LASERs are very vivid in the imagination of many people. But the truth is that as excellent as lasers are, they have a severe limitation. Read on to be at a distinct advantage when commissioning your next rapid prototyped part.

One major disadvantage of the laser cutting process is that is restricted to only 2 dimensions. This may be sufficient for some applications but very quickly, as a designer, you will find that fact imposing itself on your work.

Image of a 2d part

A cnc router on the other hand, works in 3 dimensions.  This fact open up the possibilities of a cnc router to a myriad of other uses. And more importantly, it frees the design from many constraints.

image of a 3d part similar to the 2d part.

It is easy to see why, when offered the idea of using CNC Router, the image created in the mind is rather vague! I hope this post has given you push to talk to a modelmaker with a CNC router and get an compromised result for your design.


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